Summer 2013

A water fountain was built near the parking lot for patrons using the arboretum. Water access is also now available for watering new trees.

The fountain was built with the skilled effort of the Pleasant Hills Public Works using stones generously donated by Magnotti and Son.

Pleasant Hills Arboretum is now on a waiting list for a disease resistant American Chestnut tree, through a research program at Penn State University Arboretum

The Arboretum Board of Directors staffed a booth at Community Day in August. Our tent and setting up was done with the assistance of board member, Sam Sinderson. Dick Till, another Board Member, facilitated the donation of a beautiful shrub through the generosity of the Davey Tree Company. Rep. Bill Kortz donated the pencils and the Pennsylvania Game Commission Tree, Mammal, and, Bird Booklets available at the booth.