Jefferson Elementary School Classes tour the Pleasant Hills Arboretum

Amanda Fazekas and Nichole Matusz, teachers from the Jefferson Elementary School Kindergarten program brought their enthusiastic morning and afternoon students to the Pleasant Hills Arboretum on October 3, 2014.  

These energetic children had the opportunity to participate in this true- to-name “field trip” as they walked the paths through the meadow field and forest, learning about the trees, plants and history of the Arboretum. From the star shaped leaves of the Sweet Gum tree to the soft bristly needles of the White Pine tree, the children saw and felt up close the variety of trees and plants that fill the grounds of the Arboretum. Many of the children left with their hands full of treasured leaves and tree nuts to study at school and home.  One youngster in the group, carrying a bundle of colorful leaves said that she was going to “count up” her collection when she returned to school.  Board members, Eileen Bourgeois (Mrs. B), Gretchen Fuller, (Mrs. Fuller) and Paul Beck (Mr. Paul) led the group of inquisitive young students as they explored the grounds of the Arboretum.  One of the teachers spoke for all in expressing that everyone had a “wonderful time.”