Fall 2013

In October 2013, The Arboretum hosted forty- four Kindergarten children from 4 classes at the Jefferson Elementary School. Children were bused from their schools in two morning and afternoon sessions.

Eileen Bourgeois and Theresa Fowler, arboretum board members, led the groups of children through a hike in the arboretum. The children were well behaved and receptive to their educational experience. Future visits to the arboretum by school groups in 2014 are already being contemplated.

In collaboration with the Pleasant Hills Library, Bob Mulvihill led an educational Owl walk through the arboretum on October 24. Efforts were rewarded with the sighting of two Screech Owls.

An American Basswood tree was planted in memory of George Haeck.

A Dawn Redwood tree was planted and donated under the direction of Pleasant Hills Councilman and Arboretum Representative, Greg Smith.

On November 14, 2013, Penn State Urban Forester, Brian Wolyniak toured the Pleasant Hills Arboretum at the request of the Board and gave suggestions for future planning efforts. He also gave advice on how to care for the grounds. His suggestions, in part, included:

a) Protecting individual or groups of small trees with deer fencing to prevent the damage done by browsing deer.
b) Removng invasive species, such as Norway Maple and Bradford Pear and other plants from the grounds to make room for more desirable plantings.
c) Continuing present efforts to create a tree lined pathway around the meadow area and efforts to plant educational and interesting trees.