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"…scientists in decades to come will benefit from the opportunity to study in this living museum conditions as they existed in Western Pennsylvania of long ago. School children and their parents will benefit equally and in greater numbers. May the Pleasant Hills Arboretum flourish for centuries hence in the continuing cycle of nature which will replace tree generation with tree generation, and may others follow the good example of the Pleasant Hills incorporators by preserving still other examples of Pennsylvania as it was.“

─ Dr. M. Graham Netting, Director, Carnegie Museum. Excerpt from comments in "A Plant and Bird Census of the Pleasant Hills Arboretum on September 23, 1953 and April 30, 1954”.



The dictionary defines “Arboretum” as a place where trees and shrubs are cultivated for scientific or educational purposes. Within the A. W. Robertson Arboretum of Pleasant Hills, one can see specimens—many 200 to 250 years old—of the kinds of trees that covered western Pennsylvania in the days of our Nation’s beginning. You are invited to visit the Arboretum at all seasons of the year. The grounds are open from SUNRISE to SUNSET.