Welcome to the new Pleasant Hills Arboretum web site, developed in collaboration with the Borough of Pleasant Hills and Chuck Maiden of Data Blue prints, LLC. We, the members of the Pleasant Hills Arboretum Board or Trustees are excited to bring to you this educational and informative site. The goals of this site are in keeping with the early plans of the founder, Mr. A.W. Robertson, who in 1950 was interested in preserving the arboretum's sixteen acres for educational and horticultural purposes. In 1954, a team of scientists from Carnegie Museum toured the arboretum and called it a "Living Museum."

In keeping with the educational vision of our founder and the interest of presenting the arboretum to the entire world, a committee within the arboretum was formed to develop a website and create a new logo to represent the arboretum. We chose the leaves of the sassafras tree, with their unique shapes and seasonal colors, as the centerpiece of the logo.

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Pleasant Hills Arboretum Memorial/Tribute Tree Policy

The gift of a tree in memory or honor of someone is a wonderful, living tribute, and one that will support the mission of the Arboretum and help it to grow.  For your donation of $250 or more (larger amounts will be put toward the purchase of larger specimens), an unmarked memorial or tribute tree can be purchased and planted at one of several sites at the Arboretum recommended by our arborist.  Your donation covers the cost of the tree, labor to plant the tree, and maintenance and care of the tree to insure establishment.  An attractive printed card describing your gift will be sent to the person or persons whom you designate, and the honored individual’s name will be posted on our website. 

A tribute tree must be a species that is known to thrive under local conditions and which will complement our vision for the Arboretum.  If you have a specific tree in mind, the Board will certainly consider your special request.  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to make such a request or to arrange for an on-site meeting to discuss site selection for your gift tree.

Suggested tree types to help us diversify our collection would include: Flowering trees, Large canopy trees, Nut trees, Fall foliage trees, and Evergreens.

Use our Memorial Tree Donation Form to make your memorial or tribute gift.


Liking our new Face Book page

In an effort to reach out to even more people connected by social media in our on-line community, Drew Ratti, Arboretum Board member coordinated the establishment of an official Face Book page for the  Pleasant Hills Arboretum and the page has already garnered over 200 likes by Face Book members.   Our new Face Book page gives us the opportunity to report on events, share photos, and connect with the public in a timely, friendly, and social manner.  

You can reach the Pleasant Hills Arboretum Face Book page at:


Even if you are not a Face Book member, you can read postings and view photos taken at the Pleasant Hills Arboretum.   We like you to join us in learning about and appreciating the Arboretum.  Thanks for “liking us” and we hope you visit us soon.


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