1. Automobiles or any motor vehicles are not permitted beyond the parking lot area provided.

2. Bicycles are prohibited on the paths.

3. No vegetation of any kind is to be picked or dug up.

4. No plants of any kind are to be placed in the Arboretum without written authorization from the Board of Directors.

5. Labels, signs, plaques, feeding stations, birdhouses and other items placed in the Arboretum for the benefit of its living creatures or to assist visitors in identifying trees, plants or shrubs are NOT to be molested or destroyed in any way.

6. Dogs are permitted in the Arboretum on a leash, but are required to stay on the trails.

7. Fires and smoking are forbidden in any part of the Arboretum

8. Trash containers are provided—remember "Every Litter Bit Hurts!"

9. While the Arboretum is not intended as a picnic ground, special provision may be made to have refreshments within the grounds, providing permission has been obtained from the Board of Directors.

10. No one should be in the Arboretum after dark.

11. The use of alcoholic beverages of any kind is strictly forbidden at all times.

12. The Arboretum serves the schools of this community as an outdoor laboratory. Students from beyond our borders are welcome to visit for extra class study.

13. Sledding and skiing are prohibited.