Little Free Library

The Arboretum Board is pleased to announce that the Pleasant Hills Arboretum is now home to an officially registered Little Free Library!   


What is a Little Free Library?  It is a creative and neighborly concept that originally was given to a reading enthusiast named Todd Bol from Minnesota.  Resembling a large bird house with windows, a Little Free Library is a watertight, privately-owned, mini library which the owner offers for use to the local community.  Each Little Free Library is designed to exchange books and to promote reading and friendly connections.  These selections are free for the taking and the giving, which allow each Little Free Library to be uniquely stocked and fluid.

Built from heart-and-soul workmanship of Pleasant Hills Public Works Supervisor, Denny Kunkel, this original design now stands as our very own Little Free Library.  With the same style stone used in constructing the water fountain and entrance pillars, it is set near the entrance of the Arboretum.  

Pam Ferkett, one of our local librarians also on the Arboretum Board, supplied our Little Free Library with its first stock of books.  To access any of the field guides or other nature books within, simply open the door and browse the collection.  We invite you to not only make use of the nature reading materials inside, but also to offer donations of your favorite nature books for others to enjoy.   We welcome you to borrow or to keep any book housed in this library.

Recently, one seven year old from a home-schooling group who toured the Arboretum borrowed a book about stars.  She left the Arboretum, book in hand, with a beaming smile across her face and promised to add a couple books of her own to this library.  You are welcome to come and do the same, making use of this new attraction to the Pleasant Hills Arboretum.  

We are offering a special thanks to Denny Kunkel for his time, service, and craftsmanship given to this project and our thanks to the Pleasant Hills Public Works Department for helping to install it for the enhancement of our community.  We consider this custom-built Little Free Library to be a delightful addition to the Pleasant Hills Arboretum! 

You can learn more about Little Free Libraries, their founding, mission, and locations at these websites:  

Submitted by Paul Beck
Pleasant Hills Arboretum Board Member
June 25, 2015