by Paul Beck, June 2014


The path was well worn with passing feet
From people who found time to explore
I followed it far and what a treat
My travel proved a most happy chore

Looking down at the valley below
Green and devoid of the people kind
Far from anyone that I might know
I found a well-worn trail to unwind

A Black-capped Chickadee heard my steps
Flew in tree with a “Chick-a Dee Dee”
Soulful song within my mind I kept
As I watched it move closer to me

From twigged perch it made a short flight
To a bench wedded with unkempt ground
Showing off feathers of black and white
It perched a moment and looked around

Then scurried off in flittering flight
Leaving rooted bench alone once more
To wait for another to alight
And sit down upon its well-worn core

How lonely this bench appeared to be
By itself in this faraway place
Arms held forward, it beckoned to me…
“Come join me and rest upon my space”

This invitation made a good fit
I leaned over and dropped my backside
Pleased to find this quiet place to sit
A most peaceful place to think and bide

Out of the woods flopped right beside me
Brave friend Chickadee with more to say
Until something made her lift and flee
For some unknown reason, far away

At this moment, bench and I were one
As we looked out at the meadow field
Shared in kind the same rays of the sun
And felt the breezes that wind did yield

No conversation came between us
We just knew each other’s needs
And without causing a rumpus
I left lonely bench to mind the weeds