Come relax and enjoy!

Welcome to the new Pleasant Hills Arboretum web site, developed in collaboration with the Borough of Pleasant Hills and Chuck Maiden of Data Blue prints, LLC. We, the members of the Pleasant Hills Arboretum Board or Trustees are excited to bring to you this educational and informative site. The goals of this site are in keeping with the early plans of the founder, Mr. A.W. Robertson, who in 1950 was interested in preserving the arboretum's sixteen acres for educational and horticultural purposes. In 1954, a team of scientists from Carnegie Museum toured the arboretum and called it a "Living Museum."

In keeping with the educational vision of our founder and the interest of presenting the arboretum to the entire world, a committee within the arboretum was formed to develop a website and create a new logo to represent the arboretum. We chose the leaves of the sassafras tree, with their unique shapes and seasonal colors, as the centerpiece of the logo.


The Sassafras is a very interesting tree and one of only a few species in the mostly tropical Laurel family that grows this far north. Most of those who know this tree know that it has three distinct leaf shapes: no lobes, two lobes (looks like a mitten,) and three lobes. Its vivid red-yellow-orange –colored fall leaves add to its charm.

For our logo, we incorporated the leaf shape and leaf color variation of the sassafras to highlight three principle goals for the arboretum; Preservation, so that future generations can enjoy the arboretum; Observation, because by observing we can better understand and appreciate the value of living things; last but not least, Enjoyment, because by enjoying the arboretum, we can gain relief from our troubles and experience the beauty of nature.

As Mr. A. W. Robertson said in his poem, "Fallen Leaves," "They chorus invitation to heavy feet and troubled mind."

This Website has been created to give you the opportunity to learn and participate in what one visitor referred to as the "gem" that is the Pleasant Hills Arboretum. For example, bird walks and other events occur at the Arboretum, throughout the year, and you will be able to learn about these public programs right here on the arboretum website.

This is your invitation to join us in our endeavors to grow with the arboretum. The final line of Robertson's poem invites you directly: "Come walk in leaves and find youth's dream."

Thank you for joining us on our treasured path.

The Pleasant Hills Arboretum Board